Complete the missing words.

1) ___ your head office in Moscow? – No, our company ___n’t Russian, it ___ Swedish.

2) Where ___ the company have subsidiaries. – It ___ subsidiaries Europewide.

3) What sort of products ___ your company sell. – We ___n’t sell any products, we provide IT services.

4) They ___n’t in the office today They’___ on a business trip.

5) He ___n Complete the missing words.’t work for this company any more. He ___ for Vodafone.

Speaking test – BR Pre-IN, Unit 1



I. Companies and their activities

Learn the words and phrases.

scheduleбрит. ['ʃedjuːl]

амер. ['skeʤuːl] – график, программка, план; расписание;

to have busy schedule

similar schedule

on schedule = on time

tight[taɪt Complete the missing words.] – 1) напряженный; плотный; 2) недостающий

tight schedule

money is tight

timetable – 1) расписание (жд, школьное и т. п.) 2) график (работы и т. п.)

period ['pɪərɪəd]

busy / quiet period

day-off – выходной денек


deadline – конечный срок, последний срок

tight deadlines – сжатые сроки

to work to tight deadlines

leave – отпуск

to take a leave

annual leave

sick leave

holiday ['hɔlədeɪ] – 1) праздничек, денек отдыха

public holiday – официальный нерабочий Complete the missing words. денек (установленный законом)

2) отпуск; каникулы

summer holidays

to go on holiday

to take a holiday

remember – 1) держать в голове; 2) вспоминать, напоминать

remind – припоминать


Replace the phrases in bold in the text with the expressions in the list.

annual leave

public holiday


some time off

long weekend

busy period

I work for a seed company. We have a lot of work 1) _________ at the beginning Complete the missing words. of the year. The shops need the seeds in February and our final data 2) _________ to get the seeds ready is the end of January. It doesn’t give us much time. I try to take a break 3) _________ at Easter, and in May we have a national day off4) _________, so I usually take Complete the missing words. a holiday from Friday to Monday 5) _________. In the summer the company closes for two weeks and we all have our holidays 6) _________.

Complete this email with words from the list.


quiet period

annual conference


busy schedules


Subject: Next week

Dear Klaus

Thanks for the 1) _________ about my presentation at next week’s 2) _________. Unfortunately, my 3) _________ now Complete the missing words. looks very busy with the preparation for my presentation, and I am worried about the 4) _________ deadline for the sales report. I know we all have 5) _________ at the moment, but I wanted to ask if I could give you the report a week late. The week after next is going to be a Complete the missing words. 6) _________ for me, so I will have time to do it.



Look at the table. Explain the use of the prepositions.

At on in no preposition
11.15 a.m. midnight the weekend Monday Wednesday morning Sunday evening the morning the evening next weekend last Friday this year yesterday evening tomorrow morning Complete the missing words.

5. Complete the emails with the correct prepositions at, on, in, or leave with no preposition.

1) To: Subject: Meeting next week Jon Can we get together for a meeting ___ Monday, ___ 4 p.m., if that’s possible? If not, how about ___ Tuesday, ___ the afternoon, or if you Complete the missing words. prefer, ___ midday? Regards Pete
2) To: Subject: Meeting next week Sorry, ___ next Monday isn’t possible but I can make it ____ Tuesday afternoon ____ 3 o’clock, if that’s OK with you. Regards Jon
3) To: Rene Blanc Subject: US trip Thanks for your help ____ last Friday. I Complete the missing words. was in the office ___ Saturday afternoon so everything is ready now. I suggest we meet at the airport ___ 11 o’clock ___ the morning, ____ next Tuesday, to finish our presentation, then have lunch in the restaurant there ___ midday. Let me know if this OK. Regards Maria

6. Complete the sentences with the Complete the missing words. correct prepositions at, by, for, from, in or to.

1) He gets to work ____ 7.30 a.m.

2) We come ______ Spain.

3) He needs English ____ his job.

4) I work _____ Air Europe.

5) They live _____ London.

6) We go to work ____ train.

7) She works _____ an office _____ Copenhagen.

8) They finish work _____ 6 p.m.

9) Does she go Complete the missing words. ____ work ____ car?

10) He gets a bus _____ the station _____ his office.

Translate the expressions. Divide the expressions into 5 groups.

Asking to meet Asking about times Saying when you are free Saying you aren’t free

Sorry, I’m busy then.

… is good/ fine for me.

Is … OK?

Can we arrange a meeting Complete the missing words.?

Is … good for you?

I can’t meet …

What time are you free?

We need to meet about …

I’m free on/ at …

Are you free on / at …?

I’d like to meet …

Can we meet on / at …?

Are you busy …?

Choose the best expression in italics.

A We Complete the missing words. need to discuss the conference. 1) Can we arrange a meeting? / I can’t meet on Tuesday.
B OK, 2) is Thursday OK? / I can’t meet then.
A Oh, no, 3) are you busy at 5 p.m.? / sorry, I’m busy then.
B OK, well Wednesday’s no good for me Complete the missing words., but 4) I can’t meet then / are you free on Friday?
A Yes, Friday’s fine for me. 5) Is 11 a/m/ OK? / 12/00 is good.
B 11 a.m. is good.
A Great. See you on Friday, then.